Eddie is a hot-shot ace pilot when noone watches and a lovable, unlucky guy in every other cases.


Eddie has born and raised on an Imperial Fleet’s supporting transport ship crossing the Galaxy between the ends. Grown up in a military environment he volunteered to the Space Academy to make the Universe a better (and more terran-friendly) place, but his lazy and sloppy attitude ended him as a “truck driver” in a dead-end position transporting cheap machine parts and rations for the military in a Dropship looked like it just want to wreck finally and rust somewhere forever in peace. In pieces.
After a certain prototype incident (“goose in the turbine” – heavily classified) he won a brainwash and a deport to a warfront as a Marine, but luckily the New U technicians had to learn that a deadly dose of alcohol slightly modifies the brain wave redefinator, so after the crash he is better than new and remembers everything. His former life, the intensive brainfry training and a cave, where there were organic walls, connected bodies and a creature more horrifying than everything he could ever imagine. He would love to forget that the mentioned creature called him son…


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